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Why do women wear thongs

Why Do Women Wear Thongs?

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One of the questions that you can’t ask directly to women is “Why do women wear thongs?”. It becomes quite controversial depending on the mindset of the person. The shortest answer to the question “Why do women wear thongs?” will be the same reason why we wear underwear.

However, we are going to dig a bit deeper and see some of the most common reasons for wearing a thong. The answer is taken from various women’s opinions and not just mine.

So, let’s see why do women wear thongs.


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The first reason why do women wear thongs is that it makes them comfortable. Unlike men, women have thousands of outfits that they can wear. Starting from yoga pants to short skirts, from regular jeans to the traditional dress, there are many outfits that you can go with.

Many women claim that wearing thongs makes them comfortable. Especially, when they are wearing short clothing or tight pants. Most of these dresses are either too tight or exposing. So, they choose to go with thongs rather than wearing nothing at all.

Also, as there are hundreds of options even in thongs, they can choose the one according to the outfit they are wearing. In this way, the right type of thong can make them feel more comfortable.

No Panty Lines

No panty lines

If you are a girl, you surely might be fed up with your panty lines being seen directly through your jeans. Most of the women’s jeans and pants are too tight. This makes the body look sexy but at the same time, it might just expose the inner wear. You might have experienced this a lot when you got some tight pants on, one could easily see the panty line. Although, some people don’t have an issue with it whereas some women take it very seriously.

Wearing a thong will remove the panty line. Every woman wants something to wear inside that doesn’t show the lines like VPL. Hence, the best option for them is a thong. It is not only hygienic but it can also be used as a good alternative. The best part is that the lines won’t show from the outside and wearing a thong is always better than wearing nothing.

As it doesn’t show lines, it makes a girl more comfortable. Further, you also get various options to select from.

Sex Appeal

The next reason why do women wear thongs is obvious because it feels sexy. We are not talking about the looks here but it’s actually about the feelings. Sometimes you just wear a piece of cloth and you automatically feel confident and sexy. It feels amazing when you wear a thong to work. Wearing controversial clothing and cheapundies without any worries boosts confidence level.

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The same goes for when you are wearing yoga pants and going to yoga class. Some people even wear them to the gym. However, it is not recommended that you wear a thong to the gym as constantly moving and exercising will make it chafing. Instead, go with other types of inner clothing instead of a thong.

To sum up, in a line, wearing a thong gives you confidence and sexiness. Not to mention, it looks very much sexy in the intimate moments. So, it can also be one of the reasons why do women wear thongs.


As you might already know, women have ultimate collections and variations of clothing that they can choose from. The same goes for the thongs too.

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Thongs come in various cloth materials and also there are many variations. For instance, you can get it in fabric materials or you can go with the satin option. Also, there are many color options to choose from. Most women like to go with the hemp thong as it feels more comfortable and is durable as compared to the other ones. Other than this, there are various other options that one can go with.

At first, people didn’t like the thong as they were not breathable enough. However, with today’s innovation, you could easily get the breathable thongs in any color and style.

Hip Cleavage

Hip Cleavage makes a woman look sexier. It is the skin roll at the top and front of the thigh. When you bend down and get the skin roll, that’s the hip cleavage. Wearing a thong makes it more visible.

Womens hip cleavage

For example, one can simply pull the thong a little bit up from the hip and let it be there. It will expose a little bit between the hip and the thigh (front side). It looks sexier.

Although, for some people, it just means exposing. However, for women, it’s a victor when all her body parts look sexier and are fit. That’s it, it looks amazing. In a swimming pool or similar places, it could be a great choice for some women. Also, women can wear them when they are alone at home or with their partner.

Final Words

To conclude, these are the top 5 reasons why do women wear thongs. I hope all of you got the answer to what you were looking for. Along with this, there are some of the instances where women shouldn’t wear a thong. We already mentioned a couple of them such as exercise, gym, etc.

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Further, one should avoid it when they are pregnant or they are in periods. If you feel uncomfortable or it starts itching, you should either stop wearing the thongs or you should look for a different style and clothing materials.

These are not the only reasons why do women wear thongs. These are some of the main reasons for wearing them. However, the primary reason to wear it is that it boosts confidence and it removes the panty lines when wearing delicate clothing or simply thin (transparent type) clothing. As wearing thong makes them comfortable, it also makes them feel confident and look sexier.

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