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About Us

Angie’s Panties Online Store was started to empower every man and woman across the world. By providing them with unique, affordable, designer lingerie according to their style and body type. In a very short period of time, we have become one of the fastest growing cheap lingerie stores online. Due to our transparency and commitment towards bringing the latest styles to the market. We bring to you the latest mature lingerie from top designer brands that have been in business for decades.

We at Angie’s Panties believe that lingerie must be a beautiful extension of your skin. Since lingerie is the nearest to your skin. This belief has encouraged us to offer the sexiest and widest range of trashy lingerie to men and women all over the world!

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Ever since the launch of Angie’s Panties Online Store. We have built reputation and trust amongts the consumer. Also instilled confidence in every man and woman by offering a beautiful range of high quality affordable mature lingerie. Including, women’s cute bras, cheapundies, nightwear, exotic lingerie, bra and panty sets, women’s boyshorts panties, and various kinds of adult sex toys for men and women online.

Our women’s undergarments collection also has comfortable and fashionable designer bras. Such as wired and non-wired bras, padded and unpadded bras, push-up, strapless, and much more. In our men and women’s sexy panties collection. We offer the best in style, price, and comfort. Including men and women’s bikini underwear, thong G-string panties, brief panties, men’s exotic wear lingerie, and much more!


Online shoppers have many compelling reasons for preferring shopping online; some of the main motivators include:

Consumers looking for quick and convenient shopping can turn to online shopping as an answer, without having to face crowds or venture outdoors in their PJs. Plus, multiple stores can be browsed from the comfort of home!

The ability to compare pricing and reviews is another benefit of shopping online. There’s no need to wander around the mall comparing prices or even to leave the house!

Some of the most common shopping problems are crowded. Those who suffer from social distancing phobias find it difficult to avoid other people in a store as they shop.

Nonetheless Angie’s Panties Online Store has become a global destination for pretty and alluring fashion. Men and women’s lingerie that can be obtained at an incredible price in the convenience of your home. To make online shopping easier for women, we also provide panty size charts.

Shopping online panties and undergarments convenience for men and women

Along our journey, we have made lingerie shopping easier for all our customers. We are always motivated to bring to you the latest collection of lingerie. We want to make sure you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable in your underwear.

The various kinds of fabrics and cuts in our mature lingerie collection will highlight your curves and flatter you as well. We are also committed to having the latest collection of trashy lingerie available at Angie’s Panties Online Store. Shop sexy lingerie from the comfort of your home and receive your order straight to your front door.


Don’t just think about wearing sexy mature lingerie. You must experience it first hand. You will feel fabulous, confidant, and amazing everyday!

Our vision is to make every man and woman shopping at our online store feel sexy and alive. With the help of our broad range of the hottest lingerie available online.

Our mission is to become the leading lingerie store online. Providing premium and high-fashion lingerie to every man and women around the world.

Warm and Friendly Customer Service

We value our relationship with each and every customer. Since our warm and friendly customer service pledge is to provide superior support before, during, and after your online shopping experience. We also strive to deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Warm and friendly customer service at angie's panties online store

If there is anything else we can do to help you have a better shopping experience, please contact us now!

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