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Top 10 best g string panties thongs for women online 2022

Top 10 Best G String Panties Thongs For Women

Visible Panty Line – cringe. That may be one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you on a busy weekday or a Friday night-out with friends. That’s why you probably may not get to wear that skimpy, tight-fitting dress ever again, why it’ll stay there gathering dust in the ‘no man’s land’ end of your closet …Or not.

Don’t give up on the poor dress. What you probably need is an underwear makeover. I know, I know, you love your underwear. But allow us to introduce you to – drum roll please – THONGS!

Yep, those sexy, little, wisps of materials that barely leave anything to the imagination or butt-flossers as some would call it. They’re the perfect fit for your work wear, yoga pants, and would certainly not fail you when it’s party time. What’s more, its flirty nature is just right for when you want that extra oomph of feminine confidence or just want someone else to take it off for you – wink wink.

G strings panties thongs are comfortable – once you adjust to all the strings – and you can slither into that flimsy and gorgeous dress with nary a worry about visible panty lines. They don’t roll up like some seamless undies and would stand by you in the hottest of days, no strings attached – okay, a LOT of strings attached, but you get the memo.

So, because we know you’d love them, we’ve saved you the trouble of searching and hoping for the right g string panties. We’ve trawled the ‘internet of thongs’ and scoured through a truckload of customer reviews to give you the 10 best G-string panties, and thongs money can buy online, complete with purchase links on Amazon and our take on the products.

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Cosabella women's dolce g-string panty

Cosabella’s takes the cake in our selection of hot yet comfortable string lingerie for your personal thong collection. Its tiny straps do not dig into your skin, so there is no ungainly muffin-topping here – pats my cute belly pouch in glee. It’s simple with a touch of flirty, ergo the sheer chevron lace front which we absolutely adore, it almost seems like it’s not even there at all!

The patterns on the lace are super cute too. Available in a variety of colors – we love the blush one – with a cotton-lined gusset and elastic straps, this alluring piece with its barely-there feel is our number one on lingerie watch. You can get this one size fits most panties here.


Savage x fenty women's reg dotted mesh thong with stretch lace

Did someone say oh la la? Wait, that’s us. You can only say ‘yum’ when you see this product. This stretchy, sheer panty is utterly comfy and screams quality. It looks delicate but will withstand regular washing – did we mention it’s quick to dry?

If you love designer brands and need something dreamy for your dates and whatnot, you should get this. Comes in different sizes too, so no need to fret.


Hanky panky low rise, regular and petite

It’s not an undies list if there’s no Hanky Panky there. If you’ve got the bucks for it and don’t mind splurging on quality and comfortable undies, then this is the thong for you. It’s thicker than a G-string, good if you don’t want to go all strings yet, but just as invisible. The gusset is lined with 100% cotton.

The lace trim isn’t bulky and lies flat against your skin. It comes in low rise or high rise for our full hip ladies. It also comes in a kaleidoscope of colors – your veritable thong rainbow –so if you aren’t squeamish about prices, you can get it here.


Calvin klein underwear women's sleek model thong

You could throwback to the Kate Moss heroin chic days with this simple yet stylish piece. Coming in sizes ranging from small to medium to large, this work of art comes in two colors and it dries quickly, so it’s perfect for traveling and hurried packing. We also found out that guys seem to love this particular brand too!

It stays put and doesn’t bunch up, meaning you don’t have to worry about it during workout sessions. So, if you want seamless, comfortable, and simple G-string thongs? This is for you.


Commando women's classic thong

The smooth design and look of this piece give that feeling that you’ve certainly gone commando under your clothes. It’s seamless with raw-cut bottoms and available in many colors – including many versions of nude. It is also available in a variety of sizes too. The waistbands flatter any size, and the microfiber lets you wear this lovely panty with any thin, clingy cloth without bunching.


Cosabella womens never strappie g string panties online

Trust Cosabella to make a double appearance on our list- well, why wouldn’t it? This strappy dual string thong sealed its place in our heart and our list with its sexy lace in gorgeous floral patterns.

The material feels like a whisper on your skin and is definitely forgettable, but in a good way of course.


La perla womens amelia g string panties online

Still on laces, consider this beautiful panty from La Perla. This is the first adjustable G-string underwear that has made our list. We love the cotton lining and the intricate lacing. It comes in different colors and has a comfy feel. It doesn’t shift or ride – there’s so little material to ride anyway – and is great if you’re going for subdued but with a dash of tease.


Mae womens lace thong underwear online

A little lace never hurt anyone. Coming in three pairs, these thong panties are style, comfort, and sexiness wrapped in one – or three.

Made of lace all through with almost invisible cuts, this lovely, soft thong rocks your body just the way you want it to. Let’s not forget, it’s also pretty affordable.


Tommy john women's second skin thongs underwear

Soft, breathable, and cool against your skin? – you just described Tommy John. We love it because it fits snugly without being too tight, and dries up sweat almost as fast as it comes.

The fabric in the gusset is designed to keep you 2-3x cooler than normal cotton. It also comes tagless, which is a plus!


Voenxe no show seamless panties thongs for women online

We’ve gone through a number of g string panties thongs alternatives that are pricey, so this…this is for the people.

It’s mostly made of polyamide (nylon) with cotton for the crotch area, so no irritation or itching. Also this ’10’ pack VOENXE thongs are comfort personified, the kind of undies you can walk around the house with, without feeling too dressed up. You do get to choose from many different colors and designs, which is an added plus!


And….that’s all folks! We really hope we’ve helped you make up your mind on what G-string thongs to get online. If you’ve got any questions, we’re happy to help. Enjoy your strings n’ laces!

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