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Tenga flip zero reviews black

Tenga Flip Zero Review

Tenga Flip Zero is an ingeniously-designed masturbation toy featuring smart design elements that cultivate interest and affection. Equipped with premium-grade elastomer that provides unparalleled pleasure, Tenga Flip Zero is also reusable for lasting fun! It comes packaged in discreet, unlabeled packaging that gives users privacy and protects the toy from prying eyes, making it easier […]

Introducing sex toys in bed

Introducing Sex Toys in Bed

Sex toys in bed are a great way to add a new twist to foreplay and sex. But bringing them up can be tricky. It’s important to communicate with your partner about your sex needs and desires. Talking about them in a relaxed and open manner is the best way to improve your sex experience. […]

Why are they called panties? Contact us

Why Are They Called Panties?

Have you ever wondered why women call their panties panties? If so, then you aren’t alone. I’ve often asked myself this question. Briefs In the UK, female undergarments are commonly called panties. These are usually made of cotton or nylon. They also contain a waistband and a gusset in the crotch. However, other types of […]

Top 8 places to order sex toys online

Best Places to Order Sex Toys Online

If you’re interested in buying sex toys online but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite sites for sexy products. These include Lovehoney, Hotcherry,, and TooTimid. Lovehoney If you’re looking for a great way to satisfy your sexual desires without breaking the bank, is the […]

What is the most common style of panties

What is the Most Common Style of Panties?

There are different styles of panties. For example, there are Brazilian briefs and Hipster bottoms. However, you need to know which style is appropriate for your body type. This article will provide you with an overview of the different styles. We also discuss the features of each type. Briefs Briefs are a type of underwear […]

Does not wearing panties cause yeast infection?

Does Not Wearing Panties Cause Yeast Infection?

If you’ve got a yeast infection, it may be worth trying to go underwear-free. According to Pari Ghodsi, board-certified ob-gyn and expert in yeast infections, going underwear-free may help treat your infection. But there are some precautions you need to take when going underwear-free. Synthetic fabrics trap moisture Synthetic underwear can increase your risk of […]

Are thongs comfortable to wear

Are Thongs Comfortable?

Are Thongs comfortable? Many women wonder this question, but thongs are actually fairly comfortable. Luckily, there are several factors to consider when shopping for a pair. Read on for tips on fabric, fit, Wedgie risk, and how to break in your new underwear. You’ll be glad you did when you find the right pair for […]

Best bikini panties underwear for women

Top 20 Best Bikini Panties For Women

After trying out dozens of bikini panties, you’ve come to the conclusion that there are a few brands worth looking into. While there are many options, we’ve narrowed down our choices to a few top contenders: Fruit of the Loom, Vanity Fair, Intimissimi, and more. Read on to learn more about each of these companies, […]

Top 15 best sex toys for women

Top 15 Best Sex Toys For Women

If you’re looking for the best Sex Toys For Women, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed the Womanizer Premium 2, the Le Wand, JimmyJane Form 2, and Lelo’s “Wave Motion” massager, and more. We also discuss how to choose the best toy for each woman. Let’s start with Womanizer. The study found that […]

Top 15 best sex toys for men

Top 15 Best Sex Toys For Men

If you are a guy and are looking for the best sex toys for men, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find information on the Guybrator, Pulse II Duo, and Pulse III. You will also learn about Tenga Eggs, Kiiroo Titan FPS, and more. You can also find out about […]

Top 10 best sissy pouch panties girly underwear for men

Top 10 Best Sissy Pouch Panties For Men

Do you have a fetish for sissy pouch panties for men? Are you having trouble finding the best pair for yourself? We agree it’s hard finding this type of exotic wear for men. Especially in the brick and mortar shops. It’s not easy going from shop to shop asking every shopkeeper if they carry sissy […]

Top 10 best g string panties thongs for women online 2022

Top 10 Best G String Panties Thongs For Women

Visible Panty Line – cringe. That may be one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you on a busy weekday or a Friday night-out with friends. That’s why you probably may not get to wear that skimpy, tight-fitting dress ever again, why it’ll stay there gathering dust in the ‘no man’s land’ […]

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