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How to fold underwear step by step

How To Fold Underwear

If you are wondering how to fold underwear, you have come to the right place. Folding underwear is a great way to prevent wrinkly and wrinkled underwear from clogging your drawer. Wrinkly underwear is unattractive and uncomfortable to put on. You can also keep your drawer neat by folding your underwear to avoid wrinkles. Below are some easy folding methods. Read on to learn more. Listed below are simple, ranger, and boxer rolls. Once you master these methods, you’ll have perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free underwear.

Table of Contents

Simple roll

One of the easiest ways to pack your underwear is in a simple roll. This method is much easier to make than a sushi roll, and the result will be a neat little bundle. To begin, lay the underwear flat on a flat surface. Fold the crotch side up to the front, then roll the bottom half of the underwear up. The underwear will be rolled tighter this way, but it will still take some time.

Simple roll

Next, lay the underwear flat on a flat surface. Fold the waistband in, making sure that the crotch is positioned nearest to you. Then, fold the remaining fabric inward and tuck the bottom half into the waistband. This way, your underwear will be organized and neat. This method will also save space in your drawer. You can also make a simple roll of underwear if you don’t have too many pairs.

Another easy fold for underwear is to roll the legs over the sides. The bottom half will be folded over the top, leaving a small crease. Fold the remaining underwear up until the waistband is on top. Depending on the style of your underwear, the folded legs may not be completely flat. However, the folded legs will be nice and neat for stacking. The resulting roll of underwear will keep your drawer and drawers tidy, and you’ll be saving space while using less.

While this method is very convenient, it does come with its drawbacks. Unlike the other methods, your underwear won’t be out until you’re ready to wear it. It’s also less compact than the other options and is best suited for indecisive people who like things neat. This method is also more expensive than the previous ones. If you’re an indecisive underwear shopper, then this method is the best option for you.

Ranger roll

There are two ways to fold underwear: the army roll and the ranger roll. Using the army roll, fold the leg of the pant towards the center of the waistband. Then, fold the left leg up and over the roll to create a snug rectangle. Unlike the ranger roll, which requires a lot of time, the ranger roll saves you both time and space. You can use this extra space to stuff favorite foods and souvenirs.

When folding underwear a great way to pack it is to use the Ranger Roll technique. It helps you keep your clothes in a compact, neat, and wrinkle-free state. The Ranger Roll takes up less space in your luggage and keeps it more organized. You can even roll up entire outfits and place them inside one pouch. You can use the Ranger Roll to pack your underwear, socks, and other clothing.

Ranger roll

When folding underwear, make sure you place them correctly. The waistband side should face up. Fold the rest of the underwear down into the waistband. Keep in mind that you don’t want them to slide down or fall off while you’re wearing them. Make sure you smooth out the crotch section. You’ll be surprised at how easy this process is! Keep reading for more tips! And don’t forget to pin the waistband of your underwear! It’s a great way to keep your underwear neat, tidy, and wrinkle-free.

Fold the t-shirt neatly. Make sure you have enough space for the sock to cover the roll. You can also fold the shirt sleeves in the same manner. The sock should also be folded in so it covers most of the roll. After this, roll the roll to complete the package. Fold the short sleeve and the long sleeve shirt. The folded short sleeve should be folded over the turn-up. Then, tuck the underwear and the socks inside.

Simple fold

If you are looking for a quick organization hack, you can try a simple fold for underwear. Underwear can be stored in a drawer or bin. It is easy to spot underwear when folded. It can also prevent the underwear from falling out during turbulence. This method is suitable for underwear made of thick fabric. It may take some practice, but it will soon become second nature to you. Read on to find out how to do this.

To fold men’s underwear, simply lay it flat and fold it towards the middle, with the crotch facing up. Fold the right side over the left folded section and tuck the bottom half into the waistband. The bottom part should be kept in one hand, while the rest of the underwear is folded in half and tucked into the waistband. You should end up with a small cylinder.

Simple fold

Organizing your underwear is a simple task, as it takes up minimal space. This will make finding the right pair of underwear a breeze. It will also make finding a pair easier, since you can discard the ones you no longer need. Moreover, you can easily discard unwanted ones, as they get worn out. It will save you a lot of space! So, start organizing your underwear now! You’ll be glad you did. Just keep in mind to organize them well!

When you fold your underwear, you’re making a tidy drawer. Folding your underwear makes it easy to find the perfect pair, and it can make your drawer tidier. By using a simple fold, you can also save the underwear from wrinkling and creases. You’ll never need to worry about your underwear getting wrinkled again! If you fold it, you’ll save both your drawer and your closet space.

Boxer roll

One way to make your underwear neat and tidy is to fold them in half. This way, your boxers will not slide around. Alternatively, you can fold boxer briefs in thirds. Either way, you will want to smooth the crotch section to ensure they are wrinkle-free and do not fall off the roll. Folding boxers this way will help you make the most of their space. When you’re finished, place them in your luggage and enjoy your vacation.

To properly fold men’s boxers, start by laying them flat. Fold the right side to the left side, with the rear facing out. Then, lift the bottom edge of the crotch so that it meets the waistband. Now, fold the left side of the roll until the innermost edge of the right leg hole is folded. Repeat the process for women’s boxers. After folding, you’ll have neat, perfectly folded boxers!

Boxer roll

Another option is to fold boxer briefs into a ranger roll. This method is ideal for space-saving because it keeps underwear together. It’s best to fold your underwear in this manner to avoid wrinkles. This method is easy and quick, and saves a lot of room in your drawer. You can also use this method to stack your underwear on a shelf or drawer. If you need more space, you can also try a flat-folding technique.

To begin folding boxers, start with the right leg. Use your index fingers to push the fabric toward you while your thumbs to push the fabric away. Once you have your boxers rolled into a neat square, you can roll them again by rotating them 180 degrees. Folding boxers this way ensures they are neat and comfortable for wearing. And don’t forget to press them down to remove air and make them easier to fold.

Sophie Liard’s method

If you’ve ever struggled with folding underwear, you know that you’re not alone. Folding underwear is a difficult task, but with the right method, you’ll be able to make it look neater than ever. According to folding expert Sophie Liard, who has over 600k followers on Instagram, her secret technique is a cinch: fold your underwear into a neat rectangle by tucking them inside themselves.

Sophie liard's method

Before uploading her video tutorials on TikTok Liard first started working in retail. She was only sixteen when she got her first job, folding jeans at a department store. She continued her career through various promotions, major birthdays, and even a degree, all the while having two children and folding underwear. After having a baby, Liard continued to fold underwear and organize merchandise, and even downloaded the TikTok app while on furlough.

Folding Panties

Learn how to fold panties in a few easy steps. To properly fold underwear, begin by placing them with the waistband up and the crotch facing up. Fold in half from the side to the center, and then roll the bottom edge toward the center of the underwear. Then, fold in half again from the side to form a rectangle shape. Then, tuck in the bottom section of the panty in the waistband. This will keep the panties organized and will save you time when you are packing for a trip.

Folding panties

Underwear is a small piece of clothing and learning how to fold them will free up a ton of space in your closet. You can also make them look great by folding them, so that you don’t have to worry about them being wrinkled when you are packing. Learn how to fold panties to keep them looking neat and fresh, and you can easily pack them in your suitcase or drawer. You can also use a hemp pouch to keep them clean and in good shape.

You can also save time by folding your underwear in a seamless manner. You can try the Marie Kondo folding method, but it’s not practical for everyone. In the meantime, you can use some time-saving tips to keep your drawers in good order. Use shoe boxes or adjustable dividers to separate your underwear.

Folding Thongs

To make the most of your drawer space, learn how to fold thong underwear. Using a simple fold, the crotch and waistband portion of the underwear are folded up. This creates a triangle shape. Fold the other side in half, and line up the folded edges of the crotch. This creates a stack of underwear that is neat and offers plenty of drawer space.

To fold your underwear, begin by placing the right leg over the left leg. Next, fold the bottom half of the underwear toward the center of the waistband. The bottom section of the underwear should be folded over the left fold and then rolled up to meet the waistband. Once rolled up, tuck the underwear into the waistband. It’s as simple as that! Once folded, the underwear is ready to be stored.

Folding thongs

To fold the thong, lay it face-up on a flat work surface. Position the waistband so that it points away from the wearer. Fold the right side of the triangle over the fabric in the middle. Then, fold the right side inward, matching the right side of the triangle. The right side of the triangle should overlap the left edge of the waistband. Once the right side of the triangle overlaps the left side, fold the other part over, and tuck it under the waistband. The thong should be a tight fit and attractive.

To make your underwear look neat, fold it in thirds. Fold the right side over the left. Fold the left side under the right side. This way, your underwear will be square or rectangular, giving plenty of room in your drawer. Fold it this way, and you’ll have a tidy drawer every time. Keep it organized with these simple steps and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your drawer will look!

Folding Briefs

If you’re wondering how to fold brief underwear, you’re not alone. You might also wonder how to fold a pair of briefs or pant legs. Although this can seem like a daunting task, it is actually not that difficult if you follow a few simple steps. Folding your underwear is a great way to keep them neat and wrinkle-free, and it can also teach your kids how to fold themselves!

The classic fold is the easiest way to store your underwear, but you can also try some DIY folding methods, including the egg roll and Konmari methods. In addition to the standard fold, you can also use dividers in a shoebox or adjustable shoe box. Once you’ve folded your underwear, keep it out of the way so it won’t get wrinkled or damaged. To prevent wrinkling, don’t place them on the floor or bed!

Folding briefs

Fold the underwear in thirds. Make sure to fold the bottom edge and the top waistband to the center, creating a square or rectangle. You can also fold the crotch inwards and lay the underwear side-by-side to grab the color. You can continue folding the boxers in this manner until you have enough underwear. This method is the most popular, and it’s a great way to keep your underwear in good condition.

After folding your underwear, you should line up the waistband and crotch and then fold the bottom section toward the waistband. Remember to make it tight, but not so tight that it’s twisted or floppy. To store your underwear in a drawer, lay them out face up. To fold the bottom section, align the crotch with the top band, then fold it toward the center again. Now, you should be able to easily store them side by side or stack them.

Folding Boxers

There are several different ways to fold boxer underwear, but there are two basic techniques that you can use to get the most attractive result. These methods both involve folding the boxers twice and then stacking them side by side to grab their color. Here are a few of the most common ways to fold boxers. Read on to find out the best method for you! Once you have mastered these steps, you’ll be on your way to presenting your boxers in the best possible way!

Folding boxers

The first way is to lay them flat and fold them right side to left side. Then, fold the bottom edge in from the front to the back, creating a vertical fold in the middle of the underwear. Then, fold the left side of the boxer briefs until it reaches the “seam” edge of the right leg hole. Fold the remaining two sides of the boxer briefs inward, keeping the taller side of the pair facing up.

Now, you can fold the other side of the boxer underwear. To do so, lay the left leg of the underwear on the table or bed. Fold both sides in, overlapping the other two, until the underwear reaches the waistband. Once the underwear is folded, you can neatly store it in the waistband. This method is the easiest way to fold boxer underwear. Take note: you must be comfortable while folding your underwear.

Final Words

To conclude, that’s the whole guide on how to fold underwear. You can skip the last steps as per your wish. For instance, if you like to keep the stack with one-third cloth folded, you can skip the last step. So, the last step will depend on how you like to keep it in the drawer. Most people will keep it in an upright position. Hence, you should make sure you follow all the steps.

Also, you need to make sure that the underwear is wrinkle-free in all the steps. You can simply take out the wrinkles with your hand and it will be alright. If you check it for the wrinkles in every step, the underwear will be folded perfectly. So, make sure you are checking for wrinkles in every single step of how to fold underwear.

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