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Top 10 best sissy pouch panties girly underwear for men

Top 10 Best Sissy Pouch Panties For Men

Do you have a fetish for sissy pouch panties for men? Are you having trouble finding the best pair for yourself? We agree it’s hard finding this type of exotic wear for men. Especially in the brick and mortar shops. It’s not easy going from shop to shop asking every shopkeeper if they carry sissy pouch panties for men. You’re always at risk of being judged or even worse, laughed at.

Fortunately for you, you have the option of buying underwear online; but there isn’t much guidance when buying these type of products online. Don’t worry, we share the same interests as you do and decided to share our experience with everyone who wants to buy sissy pouch panties for men online.

In this article, we’ll revel to you our list of the top 10 best sissy pouch panties for men. Including how each one of these girly underwear feel and fit. So go ahead and view our list and don’t be afraid to purchase a pair for yourself.

Table of Contents

Best Sissy Pouch Panties

Men’s Sexy Lace Sissy Pouch Brief Panties

Sissy pouch panties men's silky lace bikini briefs girly underwear sexy for men-ls

These are one of the most fantastic men’s exotic underwear. The lace feels good on the hips above and the pouch is also very good for a man’s luggage. The material is also very soft and does not get worn out with washing easily. They are available in nine colors. Women love seeing their man in one of these.

Although they are made in China, the quality stands out. However, be careful with the sizing. Like all Chinese garments, these also come a bit small in size. Consult the sizing chart before ordering.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the description on Amazon mentions 6-12 days of delivery time but we discovered that’s just because the seller wants to be on the safe side. We and many other customers received the product quite early than that.

While they are made for just the fun moments, but they are so comfortable and flexible that you might end up wearing them for the whole day.

Men’s Lace Thong Sissy Pouch Panties

Sissy pouch panties men's lace thong g-string bikini briefs hipster

This is another great men’s sissy lingerie. It’s very soft, comfortable and elegant looking. The pouch is also very well made for a man’s luggage and feels a lot comfortable. It makes you think why isn’t it promoted like other major brands. So many men are missing out by not getting to know about these sissy panties.

It’s a bit baggy rather than being compressive, which is good as some men prefer baggy panties. Some girls also like their men in these kinds of panties. Also this one is available in 10 colors and each one is designed to look very kinky. You’ll have quite an intimate time with your wife wearing these.

Aishani Men’s Skirted Mooning Thong Underwear

Aishani men's skirted mooning bikini briefs

Now, this is where things get kinkier. It comes with garters on the side for the stoking. However, if you don’t want to wear the stocking, the garters can be removed. The back is open which looks very sexy. Works well for those with big crotches as well as those will small ones. The material is also soft and shines quite elegantly.

It’s a worthy investment if you ask us and you won’t be disappointed. Your female or male spouse is going to love it on you.

Aishani Girly G-string Chain Sissy Pouch Panties

Aishanisissy pouch panties men's girlie thong g-string

Now, this is a G-string Sissy pouch panty for men, perfect for a male stripper. The material is very soft and the sizing fits perfectly. Keep in mind, Aishani is one of the best men’s exotic underwear maker. Their products never disappoint.

This one has metal rings in the back that sit above the crack and makes you look good from behind. Don’t worry they don’t itch your back as they seem. The pouch is also great for your twigs and berries while the silk feels great with the skin. This one just comes in three colors; black, pink and purple.

Aishani Men’s Smooth Hipster Pouch Panties for Men

Aishani men's smooth bikini hipster panties briefs girlie underwear

This is another great Sissy Pouch panty for men but this one has a less feminine touch to it. For someone looking for comfortable briefs rather than girlie ones, then this one is a good option. The material is great, soft and washable. The fitting is also comfortable, but some people complain about the size being a bit bigger than usual.

Otherwise, this one just looks great from all sides. You can wear them for the whole day rather than just wearing them during your intimate moments.

Aishani Lace Open Back Sissy Pouch Panties for Men

Aishanisissy pouch panties men's lace bikini briefs lingerie

This one is more on the sassier side of Men’s Panties, optimal for your intimate moments. However, just like other parties by the same brand, this one too is made of very soft material and the size fits quite right too.

Although it’s a bit big and frilly, I still love it on my body. I only wish there were more colors but still, the pink one worked great for me.

Aishani Ruffle Lace Briefs Sissy Pouch Panties

Aishani men's lace thong g-string bikini briefs hipster hot underwear

These are another one of our favorite sissy pouch panties for men. It’s way sassier and feminine for the common man, but you and I are not common. We have special tastes and we’re proud of it, aren’t we? The opening on the back feels great. If you’re looking for something like this. Then give this one a try and buy from any of these five colors.

Don’t worry about the material, its soft, silky and comfortable. The size is just as it is declared in the product description, don’t go for the reviews on this one.

Men’s Silky Lace Bikini Girly Pouch Panties

Men's silky lace bikini briefs girlie underwear

This one is also very feminine underwear for men. If you’re trying to impress your other half, then this one will do the trick. The material is soft, sensual and the fitting is perfect. Pair them up with a stocking and you’ll be irresistible to your partner.

I’ve used them for over 6 months and washed them numerous times, but I’ve never felt as if the color is fading. Another thing I love about these Panties is that they are a bit flexible. I also wish they came in more colors.

FEESHOW Men’s Lace Bikini Hipster Sissy Pouch Panties

Black lace pink bikini hipster sissy pouch panties for men

FEESHOW is also a good brand when it comes to men’s exotic wear. These particular sissy pouch panties are made of satin with an elastic waistband that has lacework details. The fabric is very soft, silky, and comfortable to wear. Also the lace makes them look ideal for lingerie nights and intimate moments. They are so light I could wear them all day. They come in seven different colors.

Aishani Lace Bikini Hipster Thong Sissy Pouch Panties

Aishanisissy panties men's silky lace thong girly briefs bikini underwear sexy for men l_t

This is another design for men’s sissy lingerie. Keep in mind, the pouch is a bit see-through but that’s the special thing about this one. My wife loved it one me and so will yours. The material is quite soft, comfy and flexible.

Don’t worry about the color fading away due to washing. I’ve used it for almost a year and the color is still like new. It’s a very sexy item if you’ve never had one of these before then its time that you do. Although all four colors are great the red one has a special attraction to it.

How To Buy the Best Sissy Pouch Panties Online

With thousands of products available and such a huge selection, it can be very difficult to choose from. Also It can be much more difficult to invest in the best sissy pouch panties for men especially if you are unaware of some important points. Luckily we have got you covered with our ultimate buyer’s guide.

Here are some points that we think are necessary to keep in mind before ordering a pair of sissy pouch panties for men online. These points will help you select the best product from so many options available.

Size of Sissy Pouch Panties

The most important thing that you should look for before ordering your panties is the size. I know this is the most general point to look for and almost everyone knows about it. If you don’t have the right size of panties it will just ruin your day.

Panties too tight or too loose can be a burden on the head all the time. It will keep you the most uncomfortable if you wear something that is too lose it will kill the purpose of the panties. If it is too tight you will feel so uncomfortable.

Now if you know all these points already here is a quick tip that will help you choose the right size for yourself. It will also save time, money and efforts.

Moreover here is a quick table that will show the size of sissy pouch panties for men according to the waist:

Type of panties Waist size  (Inches)
Small 28 – 30
Medium 32 – 34
Large 36 – 38
Extra Large 40 – 42
Sissy pouch panties size chart

With this in mind, the first thing that you need is to measure your waist and hip. This can easily be done with the help of a measuring tape. Also make sure you are somewhere inside a bathroom or your living room with access to a mirror. In case you are making these measurements yourself, it is important to spot whether you are taking the right measurements or not.

Once you get the accurate measurement values you can use the above table to get the right sissy pouch panties for yourself.

The Stuff of Sissy Pouch Panties

The next most important thing that you should take a look at before getting one is the stuff. Stuff matters a lot in all kinds of clothing and apparel. If you are wearing underwear of the right stuff it will feel comfortable as well as last longer.

Underwear that are made of poor quality stuff are usually the worst to wear. Most of them are not even flexible which provides zero comfort level. If you are not comfortable wearing your underwear. Then what’s the point.

Main characteristics of rich quality stuff and materials


The underwear made of rich quality material will always be washable. You can wash it with any kind of detergent and it will not lose color as well as its stitches. This is because the quality of the material will resist chemical reactions with the products of the detergent. No matter how many times you wash it with cold of warm water it will remain as it was on the first look.


Some underwear materials are so rigid that it doesn’t allow any extra movement. You must always avoid something that is too rigid and arrest your movements. It is because you can not always buy new panties or sew it when it tears off due to movement.

Good quality material underwear will allow you to move freely as it is always flexible. You can easily wear it, move around, sit, stand, or even jump without tearing it off. Another cool thing about flexible material is that it will not make you uncomfortable no matter what the flaccid size is.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sissy Pouch Panties

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that come to mind before buying sissy pouch panties for men. Traditional underwear are common and most people wear them with all kinds of apparel. These are necessary everyday to wear items for gentlemen. However, some panties are specially made for naughty occasions.

These exotic men underwear are not common though as many people are still unaware of it. Today I will clear some of the most frequently asked questions that come to mind before buying men’s exotic underwear.

What are sissy pouch panties?

I am sure a lot of people would be wearing normal underwear right now. There are different types of underwear which include Boxers, boxer briefs, trunks and much more. However, there are some underwear for men that are different. Sissy pouch panties are different than those of the normal underwear.

They have a specially designed pocket for your shaft and look different. These panties are not for everyday use as it might seem awkward if you wear it with your suite. However, on some special occasions, they are the right pick.

What are sissy pouch panties made of?

Mostly these men’s exotic wears are made of nylon stretchy fabrics. The main purpose of this is to keep you relax and enjoy wearing it without any issue. The pouch that mostly these types of panties have are made of stretchy fabric so you don’t have to worry about space. They are designed perfectly for naughty men making sure that they feel comfortable all the time.

Can you wash sissy pouch panties regularly?

Yes, mostly Men’s exotic panties are washable but it depends upon the quality of the material the product is made of. If your sissy pouch panties are made of premium quality material it will have no bad effect after a regular wash. However, you should always follow proper washing techniques if you want to clean them.

It is also recommended to wash them with hands instead of washing them in the washing machine. To ensure that the stitches don’t take extra tension and remain intact. It will also help to keep your sissy pouch panties usable for a longer period of time.

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