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Are Thongs Comfortable?

No wonder why wearing a sexy pair of panties with half or all your butt hanging out makes you look sexy. With that being said, are thongs comfortable to wear?

Pretty women wearing thong panties at the beach

Are thongs comfortable? That is the question we are going to explore in this article, but before answering “Are thongs comfortable?” let’s travel around the interesting aspects of thongs.

Ancient History of Thongs

The norm of hiding your genitals is as old as human civilization. In ancient times, even before the invention of cloth, people used big tree leaves to cover up their private parts. In today’s world, thongs are associated with women, but the irony is thongs were meant to be worn by men.

Man wearing a leopard print loincloth

Men wore thongs to protect their genitals or to hide shame. Also Hunters and Gatherers in 42,000 BC used to wear thongs made of animal skin, fur, and feathers.

Loincloths are considered to be the very first human clothing. History of these thongs lies 75,000 years back in Africa, where the Khoisan Tribe used to wear loincloth thongs for many centuries.

Also Japanese Fundoshi is an ancient thong which is still worn by Sumo Wrestlers.

Modern Thongs

From ancient loincloth to modern thongs, human attitude towards undergarments has been versatile. Once undergarments were used to avoid getting ashamed. Today undergarments are designed to make you look attractive.

The first modern thong showed up at the World’s Fair in New York City in 1939 as a response to an official sanction by New York mayor Fiorello LaGuardia to influence nude dancers to cover themselves. However, this approach made thongs limited to strip clubs only.

Women laying on the beach wearing a blue thong bikini

It was in 1974 when a thong bikini was created by Rudi Gernreich, when thongs really started getting recognition in public. But still, the use of thong underwear was limited.

With the course of time, the Pop Stars and TV Celebrities promoted thong fashion. Reaching up to the 1990’s, a wide acceptance established for thongs as a usual type of underpants.

Types of Thongs

Different types of thong underwear for women online

Mainly, there are three types of thongs. These include traditional thong, g- string, and c- string. However, with an increasing fashion complexity, there are many other styles too.

From covered hips to fully exposed private parts, thongs exist in a huge variety. Not only the style, but the material diversity including silk, cotton, microfiber, satin, nylon, and lycra/spandex.

All has contributed to the many different kinds of panties available for purchase today. Likewise, sex-based thongs are available for men and women.

Pros and Cons; Are Thongs Comfortable?

Try to explore the initiatives of people around you by asking “are thongs comfortable?”, and you will get responses from extreme hatred to extreme eagerness.

Let’s discuss some disadvantages first.

  • Not comfortable: They tunnel between butt cheeks, bend, and are pulled to one side throughout the day. When they burrow inside, you have to sneak your hand in to pull them out. Especially thongs are very uncomfortable for bed. Most women hate thongs for wedgies.
  • Infections: The cloth strip pressing between your butt can get infected with bacterial colonies. When the strip moves to and fro, there is a possibility of transferring bacteria from the anal area to vulva, resulting in vaginal infection.
  • Skin tags: Skin tags are little developments of irritation that your underwear can create and afterward disturb. Delicate tissue that is continually getting scoured in one particular area.
  • Indents: Thongs are not exceptionally complimenting after they have been pressing on your hips all day. They can make unpleasing indentations on your skin.

After reading these disadvantages you must have developed a view about, “are thongs comfortable?” However, that’s not all. There are situations, where you have no better option than thongs to be comfortable.

Let’s have a look at the pros:

  • No panty line: Thongs are highly preferred because they show no panty line even over tight yoga pants. Most women are very concerned about panty lines being visible. Thongs solve this problem.
  • Comfortable for work-out: Wearing thongs makes body movement quite comfortable during work out and running than the usual underwear.
  • Refreshing: With fully covered underpants, you cannot resist heat and sweat on your butt. However, thongs allow the breeze to come in and hence sweating is avoided.
  • Attractive look: Wearing a thong makes you look sexier which enhances confidence in yourself.

How to Choose Comfortable Thongs?

Are thongs comfortable? This depends greatly on your choice of thong. Here are some key points you should keep in mind before selecting a thong.

  • Fabric Material: Fabric is the most important thing to consider before purchasing a thong. Make sure the material will not cause any type of skin allergy or infection. Pure cotton is the best recommendation; however, other materials like lace, silk knits, nylon, and mesh are also a great choice.
  • Size: Human body posture varies from person to person. It is very important to keep in mind whether you have a slim or thick butt. A minor mistake in size can make wearing a thong immensely difficult and uncomfortable.
  • Color and Pattern: You ought to be particular about the tone and pattern of the thong that you select. Likewise, think about the shade of your garments. Try not to wear anything contrast like a pink thong under a white skirt if you are trying to keep your thong hidden.

Tip: For anyone who doesn’t care to wear thongs and still would like to avoid panty lines. I recommend you try wearing a pair of boyshort panties. Boyshorts are very comfortable to wear and won’t leave any panty lines.

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