Adult sex doll Aviva
Sex Doll Aviva
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Sex Doll Aviva



Adult sex doll Aviva is a strong and sexy independent women looking to have some fun.

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Why Buy Sex Doll Aviva?

Buying a Sex Doll can be a great experience. If you want a doll that looks like you, is voiced by a real girl, and comes with a removable tongue, then you have come to the right place.

Removable tongue

Whether you want to mimic oral sex or you’re a lover of sexy dolls, the removable tongue on Sex Doll Aviva can add a touch of realism to your experience. A built-in tongue is usually silicone and is attached to the inside of the doll’s mouth. It’s designed to mimic the feel of a real tongue.

Oral sex is the most intimate form of sex. It is extremely sensual, warm, and moist. Men enjoy the sensation of being engulfed in a warm, trusting body. It can be the most exciting sex for many.

A removable tongue can simulate the feeling of French kissing. It’s also easy to install. During use, it can be difficult to keep it clean.

Unlike TPE, silicone heads can be customized to look more like a real person. This allows you to add more features and customize the body for your sex needs. However, customizing features can cost a lot.

If you want to try oral sex, a TPE head is more affordable. However, you should make sure the TPE head has removable orifices. Typically, TPE dolls are made from a blend of natural materials. They can stretch over 300% of their original size before breaking.

90% close to the real breast

Aviva: The K is a 61 pound bust-tastic sex doll that looks like a grown up Mocca. She has the best of both worlds, a sexy physique, and a lust worthy personality. Not only is she a sex doll, but she is also a high fashion diva. Her attire includes a dazzling array of wigs and lingerie.

It is also impressive to see her tucking her tresses into her bra and even better to watch her show off her newfound confidence. This teeming sexster isn’t for the faint of heart, but the company has a penchant for making a fine sexy lass. She comes with the best of both worlds, and is certainly not a bad option to be found on a shelf.

Intelligent voice system

Buying a sex doll with an intelligent voice system is a smart choice. Dolls with this feature can help resolve physical problems and psychological dependence.

Dolls with this feature have a speaker built into the back of the head. The voice will respond to questions and instructions. The speed of the response increases as the doll moves faster.

Dolls with this feature can also be customized according to skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Moreover, they can be stored in a lockable box. Some manufacturers also offer a storage closet or under the bed.

Sex dolls can be made with different materials. Most are made of soft silicone or synthetic resin. Generally, the body proportions are similar to real people. They can perform various movements, including standing, sitting, and posing.

Some manufacturers also offer motion sensors. These sensors detect the movement of the doll and can be programmed to move accordingly. In addition, some manufacturers have voice commands and moaning options.

One of the largest selections of sex dolls in the world

Among the many different kinds of sex dolls available in the market, there is one that is definitely worth checking out. It’s called the Sex Doll Aviva. This doll is known for her incredible booty. It also comes with a snap-and-place ball-joint neck and wrists.

This sex doll was designed by the famous designer Mizuwali. It is made from the softest TPE material in the market. The material provides superior durability and a lifelike feel.

The Doll Channel has a large selection of sex dolls in stock and offers affordable pricing. Their sex dolls are manufactured in the U.S., and they ship domestically without any customs issues. They have an active YouTube channel and a growing community. They offer a points/reward program for fans. They also have a great deal of accessories and dolls that are in stock.

Sex Doll Aviva is not the most customizable realistic sex doll, but it does have some features that make it unique. The Aviva torso has realistic-looking tits and three orifices. It’s also lightweight and easy to position. It’s also waterproof and has an extra tight anal opening.

Buy the Best Adult Sex Doll Aviva for Men Online

Super sexy and athletic adult sex doll. One of the most reasonable and point by point realistic TPE love doll in the market. You will be dazzled in the event that you see her with or without clothes on!

Her knees, armpits, and all her other body parts include somewhat more of flawless reasonable highlights, without relinquishing sex doll provocativeness. The neck of this affordable sex doll accompanies another head and neck connectors. The neck will move when head moves keeping her realistic. You will appreciate this strong and sexy sex doll all night long!

Sex Doll Aviva Key Points

  • Private Packaging – One hundred percent discrete shipping. Shipped in a dedicated sealed box, confidential delivery, without any sensitive words.
  • Ultra Realistic – Sex doll Aviva has a stainless-steel skeleton in her realistic body, which accommodates 26 points of articulation. You can put her in many sexual positions. Even difficult poses that most women cannot do.
  • Body Safe Material – Created out of medical grade silicone. Soft & realistic material, non-toxic, odorless, and safe to use. No Abnormal Smell! Non-Toxic. Non-Perforated. Non-Phthalate. Safe to screw on a daily bases. Ultra realistic body with  extra soft silicone skin.
  • Main Entries – 3 entries to play with, Mouth, Anal, and Vaginal. Super realistic! Customization is to be had like skin color, eye color, hair style, feet, and more.
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