Sexy red head adult sex doll Rebecca
Sex Doll Rebecca
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Sex Doll Rebecca



Very sexy and attractive red head adult sex doll Rebecca needs some special attention.

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Why Buy Realistic Sex Doll Rebecca Doggy Style Position?

Buying a Sex Doll can be a great way to have a fun night in with your partner. They are a safe alternative to having unprotected sex, and they are easy to store. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are made of soft, curly hair. This gives them a nice shape and they also have nice sculpted abs. They are also very easy to maintain, and they have a beautiful appearance.

Soft skin

Buying a sex doll can be fun and exciting. However, you want to ensure that you choose one that is comfortable and will last. When looking for a sex doll, you should consider your personal tastes, the doll’s price, and the maintenance that is required to keep the doll in good condition.

Sexy red head adult sex doll rebecca

TPE sex dolls are more affordable than silicone. They are also softer and easier to maintain. TPE is a polymer that combines rubber and plastic. While the TPE is cheaper, it is also more prone to damage. Therefore, it is better to keep your TPE sex doll well-powdered to prevent it from cracking.

If you are using a TPE sex doll, you can try a mild shampoo and conditioner. Avoid using oil-based lubes as they can damage the TPE. Instead, use a neutral-smelling baby powder. It is best to wash the doll in warm water.

Curly hair

WM Doll is a renowned manufacturer of realistic sex dolls. They have been in the business for nearly three decades and their product line is impressive. Among their products are the Rebecca: Curly Hair Sex Doll. This model stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs a hefty 69 lbs. In the sex doll world, Rebecca is a rare find. She’s got a pendulous breast, k-cup size boobies, and strawberry nipples to boot. She’s also been getting into naughty behavior since she was 16 years old and is guaranteed to show you all the best places to indulge your inner sex queen.

One of the better sex dolls I’ve ever encountered, Rebecca is made from quality silicone and comes with an adjustable vagina for easy maintenance. The best part is that she comes with a free sexy lingerie pack.

Easy to store

Keeping sex dolls safe and protected is important. You don’t want to expose them to harmful germs, infections, or dust. Keeping them clean is also a good way to protect your investment. You should choose a storage facility that is secure and keeps your toys cool and dry.

There are two basic storage options for sex dolls: vertical or horizontal. The vertical option is a more secure method because it provides better protection.

However, it isn’t recommended for long-term storage. If you use the horizontal method, you should make sure to keep the limbs in a straight and neutral position. This helps to prevent pressure damage.

One of the best ways to store your sex doll is to hang it on a wall. This is a cheap and effective way to store your doll.

Sex dolls can be an amazing tool for sexual stimulation and orgasms; however, you should understand how best to position it for maximum sexual pleasure.

One of the best sex doll positions is the missionary position, popularised in porn videos and offering deep penetration for maximum pleasure.

Doggy Style Position

Doggy style position can be an engaging way to have penetration with a sex doll. It works particularly well if your partner is shorter than yourself and allows for close proximity with their clitoral area, giving an increase in orgasms.

Realistic life size adult sex doll red head rebecca showing ass

To utilize this position, make your sex doll stand on a bed or table and bend over at her waist before entering her from either anal or vagina. For maximum sexual stimulation, this exercise can also be completed in bed with another partner.

To keep your sex doll clean and safe, always use mild soap and water when washing her. Make sure she dries completely before storing her either in a suitcase with foldable functions or underneath your sofa – this will protect her from germs and moisture accumulation. Additionally, consider adding water-based lube for an improved experience!

K-Cup Size Breasts

Rebecca stands out in the world of sex dolls as one of those rare girls with pendulous breasts and strawberry-hued nipples, something which has caused problems since she turned 16.

When she’s feeling frisky, she will show you all the ways she loves to please her partner. From vaginal, oral, and anal sex she will have plenty of ways to delight.

With an external heating device, you can create a more realistic experience while helping keep the doll cleaner.

External heating devices are available for separate purchase; however, Rebecca orders include them free of charge! They will arrive discreetly packaged so as to not raise suspicion from those around you and protect your investment from being exposed to germs or infections.

Fully Articulated Skeleton

Rebecca is an Asian beauty with seductive lips and seductive eyes, who boasts an hourglass figure with D-cup racks, wide hips and an alluring peach bottom – the ideal fantasy doll ready to ignite any night with her mouth, anal and vaginal pleasures.

Rebecca is an extremely realistic doll crafted with top-grade TPE that feels similar to human skin, making her durable yet flexible enough for you to pose her in various positions. You’re welcome to use her for both vaginal and anal sex as she is eager for you to fuck her large breasts!

This Asian babe comes complete with a USB heating rod to add even more pleasure, plus she comes equipped with a brush for maintenance and sex toy for more fun! Worldwide delivery is free and discrete – purchase today to experience its pleasure! You won’t regret this purchase as her beauty and sensuality will ensure endless nights of pleasure together.

Discreet Delivery

This doll comes packaged in an unobtrusive package for easy storage when not in use. Proper storage of sex dolls helps protect them from germs or dust exposure as well as cracking or other forms of damage.

Dreams come true with this gorgeous mature blonde! Her body is the epitome of sensual pleasure – with its lush yet firm combination, complete with an irresistibly squeezable D-cup rack and slim waist. Additionally, she comes equipped with fully functioning anal and vagina systems so as to bring pleasure straight away!

At 5 feet 1 inch, this gorgeous sex doll can easily be dressed from tights to pantyhose. She can even be dressed in tighter clothing if that suits your fancy! Additionally, her realistic legs look great whether bare or wearing nylons – ideal if you want to explore any leg or foot fetishes you might have!

Multiply ways to have fun: Vagina, Oral & Anus, for the most realistic experience.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Medical TPE, soft to the touch and feeling just about as real as it gets
  • Fully articulated pose-able mental alloy skeleton in core, makes her pose in any position as an actual girl
  • Sex doll include 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for your sex pleasure
  • Speedy shipping takes 5-7 days

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