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Tenga flip zero reviews black

Tenga Flip Zero Review

Tenga Flip Zero is an ingeniously-designed masturbation toy featuring smart design elements that cultivate interest and affection. Equipped with premium-grade elastomer that provides unparalleled pleasure, Tenga Flip Zero is also reusable for lasting fun!

Tenga flip zero black review
Tenga Flip Zero Black

It comes packaged in discreet, unlabeled packaging that gives users privacy and protects the toy from prying eyes, making it easier to maintain than traditional masturbators. Plus, cleaning it up after each use should also be much simpler!


This toy features so many textures it feels like entering another world! Orgasms happen quickly and sensations are intense. Additionally, its vacuum function aids penetration.

This discrete unlabeled package makes it simple for men who want to enhance their masturbation without drawing unwanted attention to themselves or being seen by other people. This toy makes masturbation much more exciting!

Inner sleeves feature two motors for rumbling vibrations while outer sleeves are made from soft silky material that’s hypoallergenic, phthalate-free and long-lasting. Each package comes complete with clear storage case, stand, two samples of Tenga’s lubricant as well as instructions for care after use and storage instructions. After every use with soapy water it should be fully dried out before being stored away for safe keeping.


The Flip Zero EV is considerably quieter and lighter than its original version, yet still packs powerful vibrations. It comes equipped with its own dedicated power button which lets users select from five vibration settings.

ABS plastic makes up its firm, white structure, while its soft translucent parts are covered by Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a material similar to human skin that feels similar. Both materials are safe, hypoallergenic and phthalate-free – plus easy to clean!

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This realistic toy features a smooth surface that feels realistic and is easy to grip, while its interior sleeve contains plenty of ridges, curves and details designed to stimulate orifices and deliver pleasure. Plus, there’s even an access sliding clip so you can lubricate and clean as necessary, plus an enclosed clear case that allows it to slide over its end for storage purposes!


Tenga Flip Zero comes equipped with a clear case to reduce dust buildup – an invaluable benefit considering that its surface attracts much dust that’s difficult to get off completely. In order to maximize durability and ease of cleaning, lube should also be applied since its sticky nature tends to make for sticky play!

To clean, simply slide off the sliding arms and open up the body to reveal all its intricate textures that love being lubed with lotions or oils. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water making sure all nooks and crannies have been rinsed out thoroughly, before placing back onto its sides-rails or stand for drying out.

For those searching for something less expensive than the Tenga Flip Zero, try the Tenga Orb for approximately $79. It provides similar sensations with less intense vibrations.


If you want a hand-free masturbator with lots of internal details to stimulate, the Tenga Flip Zero may be perfect. Constructed of firmer materials and tighter internal details than its predecessor Flip Hole series, its seamless entrance point offers greater comfort while being less likely to leak lubricant when inserting it.

Before using, it’s always a good idea to apply an adequate layer of lubricant – water-based is preferable, as it won’t damage materials or devices.

Experience: When I used this masturbator for the first time, I found it both thrilling and fulfilling. I could quickly reach my climax. Additionally, the external pressure pads made stroking myself very comfortable.


The Tenga Flip Zero Black is an intense and potency toy, and may cause discomfort if your penis is larger than average, but its worth the experience. Cleaning of this toy must also be thorough as there are numerous crevices within its interior that could become breeding grounds for bacteria or bodily fluids if left untouched.

Flip zero electronic vibrotation

The Zero EV’s white firm structure and soft translucent parts are made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). While TPE should usually be avoided when inserting toys into your body, its durability makes it suitable for penis sleeves. Its quiet appearance ensures no one will know you are using it to pleasure yourself while the inner sleeve boasts details, curves, and ridges designed to delight and satisfy.

FLIP ZERO Series – Product Video

Tenga Flip Zero FAQ’s

How much does a Tenga Flip Zero cost?

Are You Searching For An Engaging Pocket Pussy? The Tenga Flip Zero could be exactly what you need for an enjoyable pocket pussy experience. Boasting multiple textures to stimulate your penis, as well as being easy to clean, discreet, and easily concealed within pockets, its design means it fits right in with everyday life – the only drawback being it only offers six inches of insertable length which may make it too small for some users.

Tenga Flip Zero costs $99 and provides intense sensations; for more intense experiences I recommend purchasing its EV version for $139. Featuring two vibrating cores embedded into its elastomer exterior that produce strong vibrations with each press of the button; external pressure pads allow you to control intensity; internal air can be squeezed out through internal chambers to create vacuum suction and create suction vacuum suction.

The Flip Zero EV version may be slightly heavier due to all its electronics, but you will gain many added features that make using it even more fun and exciting. Choose from various vibrating intensities, sync it with videos you watch online and experience blowjob sensation while watching your partner undress themselves – this masturbator definitely delivers intense pleasure for over $100 investment. For something different try Kiiroo Keon; another hands-free masturbator that offers sensations as well as technology.

What does a flip zero do?

This sleeve-shaped toy wraps snugly around your penis and features curves, details, and ridges for maximum pleasure. As it doesn’t vibrate or move on its own, you must move it up and down for satisfaction – making it a fantastic masturbator for guys seeking greater control over their strokes.

The EV version of this toy is easy to keep clean. Simply pull apart its slide arms to separate its body, rinse it in warm water and dry before reassembling – taking special care with any areas where lubricants have trapped moisture that could otherwise trap mildew growth.

Open up the EV to spray lubricant into it for added precision in stroking. After this is completed, lock and close it back up, sliding its clear storage case back over it to keep dust at bay when not being used. We suggest adding some cornstarch afterward to absorb any extra moisture hidden within its crevices, and relubricate when finished before assembling back together again.

How does the Tenga flip hole work?

One of the most renowned reusable masturbators available, the Flip Hole offers powerful suction and intense sensations. Crafted from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which feels similar to human skin while remaining body safe and free from phthalates; however, due to being porous it must be regularly cleaned if left sitting around after every use to avoid mold growth.

Mr Ruby reported feeling immediate pleasure from the large entrance sphere, while deeper into the tunnel smaller spheres and nubs massaged him through to an end orb that provided strong stimulation and gave an especially intense sensation – creating both immediate gratification and strong anticipation of sexual encounters to come.

On the exterior, there are three button-like pads that can be pressed while playing to control sensations. Mr Ruby discovered that pressing the pad closest to the entrance increased snugness of tunnel and increased pressure at his penis tip when inserting himself. Furthermore, pressing middle pad increased suction power, and upper pad tightened canal around his head when inserting himself.

Lubrication is key when using any masturbator. We suggest applying liberal amounts of quality water-based lubricant. After each use, be sure to clean the Flip Hole thoroughly by flipping over its holder so masturbation takes place facing inside of tunnel and using soap or toy cleaner to rub the TPE surface to make sure all semen and lube have been eliminated from its pores.

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