WINDAY Men's Breathable Ice Silk Boxer for sale online
WINDAY Men’s Breathable Ice Silk Boxer

WINDAY Men’s Breathable Ice Silk Boxer


Very comfortable and sexy breathable silk boxers for men online.

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Shop Affordable WINDAY Men’s Breathable Ice Silk Boxer

Silk is an all-natural material with luxurious feel and soft against your skin, while being breathable to keep you cool on warm nights and moisture wicking properties that make it great for men who sweat easily at night.

Winday men's briefs breathable ice silk boxer underwear online

LinaSilk men’s silk boxer shorts are hand knitted using pure mulberry silk, the highest grade silk available. Mulberry silk is produced by feeding silkworms mulberry leaves to spin into threads that can then be spun into garments like these boxer shorts by LinaSilk. Available colors include blue ice silk and mint jewel tones as well as purple amethyst hues.

Fabric is soft yet durable; just be sure to hand wash them. They feature French seams – a stitch designed to prevent raw edges from fraying after several washes – for fray-free performance, along with a relaxed seat area design for ease of sitting or standing, plus an inconspicuous hidden fly for additional comfort and easy night-time bathroom visits.


If you’re in search of underwear that combines breathability and comfort, check out these men’s ice silk boxer briefs. Crafted from breathable material ideal for working out, they quickly dry while also absorbing sweat; therefore preventing chafing or discomfort during exercise sessions.

Ice silk fabric is scientifically crafted from natural cotton hides. It possesses unique properties like high air permeability, automatic humidity regulation and slow temperature rise from sunlight, making this ideal for keeping cool during activity despite tight clothing.

Ice silk fabric provides soft comfort against sensitive skin. Plus, its stretchy and lightweight qualities make this undergarment comfortable for wear under any outfit. With stylish high-waisted design and timeless grey hue to match any outfit – plus shopping from legitimate sellers ensures peace of mind!


Silk’s breathable nature allows air to circulate through its weaved threads and keep your body temperature regulated, making it perfect for hot summer nights. These boxers stand out as being lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all night without bunching or creasing issues – which makes for ideal summer sleeping conditions! Plus they come with an anti-crumble feature so no more bunching or creasing issues will occur during sleep!

Linasilk silk boxers are constructed using premium-grade mulberry silk for ultimate quality and comfort. Utilizing an advanced knit technique, these boxers feature soft yet supportive underwear with just the right amount of stretch – no ironing necessary! Easy care washing/drying/ironing.

This sleepwear is created using French seams, an efficient stitching method which prevents its edges from fraying after repeated washes and also stands up to ecological and ethical production practices. Furthermore, they’re OEKO-certified, guaranteeing their ecological and ethical production process and worldwide availability. This brand offers three packs of silk boxers in three packs for international shipping.


The Ice Silk Boxer is designed for durability, making it the ideal choice for men who require an undisturbed night’s rest. Crafted with satin polyester fabric for optimal softness and breathability, its elastic waistband stays snug against hips without pinching or pulling, while its hidden fly makes going to the bathroom during the night effortless and its crotch gusset adds extra comfort.

Winday men's cheap breathable ice silk boxer

Oscar Rossa offers an exquisite collection of luxury silk sleepwear. Utilizing 19 momme pure mulberry silk charmeuse, commonly referred to as “royal silk,” they use this breathable and comfortable material so you can stay cool all night long.

Purchase this item through Angie’s Panties, a 100 percent legitimate website with shipping to 164 countries worldwide and advanced software and security systems to keep your information secure.

  • Very sexy
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable material
  • Multiple color options
  • Durable and easy to care for
  • Make you feel attractive
  • Gain confidence in the bedroom
  • Very affordable price

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