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Panties How To Buy The Best Sexy Cheap Womens Underwear Online

The Different Types of Panties for Women

Panties are nothing but a kind of underwear that is worn by most women. When you go to buy a undies online. You will find hundreds of varieties to choose from. As they come in different styles, colors, and fabrics. Often the materials used in underwear are breathable so that it provides comfort to the women wearing them.

While choosing underwear, you must think about purchasing the one that matches with your bra. You might also be searching online for underwear to be used on a specific occasion. One of the most important things to keep in mind while purchasing panties. Is to buy underwear that will prevent panty lines from being seen when wearing certain dresses and skirts.

There are various kinds of women underwear to choose from including the popular bikini cut. To go with the latest low-rise pant trend.

Also you can find numerous kinds of panties online. Underwear that can be chosen according to the latest trend and style.

Here is a list of various styles of women underwear that are based on several criteria. Such as height, width at the sides, and the rear coverage area.


They are comfortable and modern with less bulky than a boyshort. Hipsters are a mid coverage panty with a medium low-rise. They are a cross between a brief and a bikini cut.


They cover the entire rear area and fit right below the navel. They come in three types- High-cut briefs, control briefs and classic briefs.

  • The high-cut briefs have narrower sides with larger openings for your legs.
  • The control briefs have larger sides than the classic ones that extend above your waist. They provide great support in addition to giving a slim appearance to your body.
  • The classic ones have larger sides and extend just below the hip.


This type of panty is just like hipsters as it sits at hip level with the side section being narrow. There is also a string bikini in which the side section totally disappears and only the string like material makes the waistband.


Boyleg brief underwear extend just below the crotch as they have short legs.


The coverage area of tangas is slightly lesser than a bikini and at the sides; the waistband reduces to a string.


In this, there is no coverage at the rear with a waistline similar to tangas. There is just a narrow strip at the back that becomes little wider at the back.


A G-string consists of just a string that connects the waistband with the crotch forming a triangular shape.


Little comfortable than G-strings, these thongs make a perfect T at the rear.

Sexy Comfort

If you want a sexy look along with being comfortable. Then you have to choose a style that makes you feel sexy and confident. So you can flaunt your new panties to impress your partner.

Now various brands of panties are available online. Go and select the one that you love and makes your partner love you. We have taken all the efforts away for you. By bringing you the best panties from some of the top brands in the world. The only work you have to do now is select the style and color of the panty you want. Without worrying about the quality.

For the men looking to buy a gift for their girlfriend or wife. Angie’s Panties Online Store is the best online shopping store. Where you will have many varieties of panties to choose from. Don’t get the wrong size while buying panties. Our online store also provides panty size charts for your convenience.

Buying panties online for your partner is a good way to show you love and care about them. You will also feel great after you spend the night together.


These are some of the styles in panties that are popular amongts women. You can select panties according to your occasion and needs. You should also see if you are comfortable wearing the style of panty you choose.

Panties are available in different kinds of fabrics such as nylon, silk, satin, and cotton. Cotton panties are cheap and remains the best fabric for athletic activities. The silk and satin types of panties are expensive and give a more sexier look to women.

Lycra provides a nice stretch. Thus Lycra panties are often more comfortable to wear for all day activities. There are also no visible panty lines. Making lycra underwear most preferred by most women.

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