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the many types of panties for women to wear

The Basic Types of Panties for Women Online

The basic types of panties for women online come in many different forms ranging from the classic brief to the sexy thong. Underwear is definitely not one size fits all. Women could choose from an array of styles and fabrics. Depending on the day, occasion or mood the choices are vast.

Valentines day? Perhaps a silk thong, dress pants for work? A brief with no lining, just a regular day…let’s go with the classic brief. Also most, if not all women choose to wear panties on a daily basis. Thereby creating a huge market for women’s underwear.

The Most Common Types of Panties

1.) Classic Briefs

Women's black brief types of panties

Classic briefs are types of panties that most women would consider regular everyday panties. As a matter of fact, sometimes brief panties are referred to as granny panties.

Additionally, briefs are very comfortable, have a high waistband, and cover the entire bum area. Many women find briefs the most comfortable to wear when on their monthly menstruation cycles.

2.) Thongs

Women's thong g string types of panties

One common fashion flaw women always try to avoid are panty lines. Most panty lines appear when women wear body fitting clothing. In order to avoid panty lines, most women wear thongs. This erotic underwear sits about 3 inches below the waist and has a triangular patch in the front and offers minimal butt coverage.

3.) G-Strings

Women's types of panties g-string underwear

These types of panties are very similar to the thong panty. The main difference is that while thongs provide minimal butt coverage, G-strings provide zero coverage at the back.

Absolutely one of the most erotic types of panties for women to wear. People wear G-strings on their honeymoon nights, for sunbathing, or while hanging out at the beach.

4.) Hipsters

Women's hipster types of panties

Hipster panties are also referred to as hip huggers. This type of panties for women are best worn with low waist jeans or skirts.

Additionally, what makes hipster panties awesome is that these types of panties can be worn with any type of attire of your choice! Also some women like to wear hipster panties during their menstrual cycle.

5.) Boyshorts

Women's boyshorts panties

Boyshorts panties for women are very similar to the men’s brief underwear. Furthermore, boyshorts are super comfortable and can be worn under any dress. They look very similar to hipsters, but are differentiated by their lower-cut leg design.

6.) Bikini Panties

Women's bikini panties online

Bikini panties normally sit 3 in. underneath your natural waistline, often worn with low-cut jeans. These types of panties provide full back coverage in addition to a scooped-out leg line for all day comfort.

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