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How To Choose the Right G String Underwear

G string underwear are considered to be sexy panties that have a thin string that goes around the waist and down between the buttocks. In recent times g string underwear was considered to be somewhat trashy. Not anymore as this view is gradually fading away as virtually every woman nowadays owns a G-string panty.

In this article, you will learn how to choose the right type of G-string underwear for your body type and occasion.

Types of G-String Underwear

Swimming Wear

A g string underwear makes your swimwear sensually appealing. However, it does cover very little body parts (especially the most essential ones) compared to a hot thong underwear. It reveals the butt-cheeks, creating the perfect shape for sexual attraction. The type that is most needed on a beach holiday, pool party, or for foreplay. The ones made for swimming consists of water-wicking, which keeps the skin dry and fresh.


For instance your honeymoon can’t get any more sexier then with an appealing G-string from Set to accentuate your curves, showing off your gleaming skin tone in the most amazing way. Stealing those wonderful moments with your loved one wearing g string underwear.

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Pant colors are important as well in the mixing elements. Getting the right color mixture will put you on the go with loads of confidence, but forget about color combinations. If you do, its better to not expose your g string underwear publicly! Here are some points to consider while choosing the best color pants to wear:

  • Highly saturated pant colors are hot during the summer. Rather go for breezier colors.
  • Walking the ramp? Go for monotone colors.
  • Leather pants have black colors only.
  • Nevertheless, you are the judge of your own fashion. If the colors match, wear them. If they don’t, seek for alternatives. There’s always the classic denim.

G-String Underwear for Plus Size Women

For the big butt, hips, and thighs women, the basic rules for wearing pants are:

  • Pick undergarments with higher waistlines.
  • Avoid underwear that are too tight or too flare-y at the bottom.
  • Avoid overly embroidered pants.
  • You can experiment with different pant colors, but for denim clothing, stay away from light colors.

G-Sting Underwear for Thin Figure Women

  • Cropped pants are okay (but they should have an overall skinny body profile).
  • Never wear skinny jeans that exceed your ankles (except if you’re wearing platform shoes).
  • Choose jeans with lower waistlines.
  • Stop looking for jeans that will emphasize your butt.
  • Light-colored jeans will accentuate your legs.

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