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How to choose and buy the best sexy underwear for women online

How To Buy Underwear for Men and Women Online

Shopping isn’t the most exciting thing one might be involved in. Unless you are a very big fan of shopping, but boy, you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Nobody likes it when their underwear sag, or when it’s pinching, rolling or even rising up all day. This will make you very uncomfortable. On the other hand, choosing the right sexy underwear isn’t the most difficult thing to do. If you know just what to do, picking the right fabric and right fit.

It doesn’t matter whether you are shopping for men’s underwear or ladies thongs. The fundamentals remain the same and knowing your body type is priceless. This guide will show you certain types of undies that will fit you better than others.

How to Shop for Underwear

Know Your Hips and Waist Measurement

To do this, you may use a tape to measure the fullest part of your hips and your natural waist. So you can choose the most comfortable sexy underwear for yourself. To get your natural waist, bend sideways and that point where a crease forms will help you identify your natural waist. Do not forget to keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground if you are taking the measurement yourself.

Double Check Your Measurements

It’s always good to measure your hips and height twice. To be double sure an accurate measurement is obtained in both cases. Once you have measured your waist and hips. You can check the size information of the underwear you are considering to ensure it’s a good fit.

Consider Underwear with Elastic Waistbands

You do not want to pull your sexy underwear all day long because it is slipping or falling down. To avoid this, choose those undies which have a firm elastic band on the waistline. Although a firm elastic band in the thong underwear is useful, avoid those styles which have elasticized leg holes. These have the tendency for bunching up, trust me, they can be very uncomfortable.

Avoid The “Too Tight” Underwear

That underwear that is too tight will not only cause unflattering bulges or lumps underneath your clothing. It also causes skin irritation. The irritation arises from the friction between the clothing and your skin. Generally, any sexy underwear that’s tight to the point of leaving marks on your skin is too tight. Too tight underwear does not breathe as well as it should. This can cause health problems and make your stay somewhat sweaty.

Check for Rolling, Bunching, or Sagging

Before you leave your home for the day. It’s very essential that your sexy underwear is lying very smoothly and gently on your body. You will feel uncomfortable having rolls, bunches, or sags underneath your clothing. This will always distract you as you continue tugging at them so they won’t fall or pinch your skin.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Cotton Underwear

The reason why cotton panties are preferred and referred to as a king in the area of comfortable underwear is simply that it is breathable. For this reason, your underwear won’t get too sweaty as moisture will not be trapped in your underwear fabric. Bacteria or yeast infections will not pose much of a threat to you. The option of cotton underwear is particularly advisable for women because of the chances of yeast infection. Also cotton underwear is less likely to cause skin irritation or rash.

Synthetic Materials

Although the breathe ability of cotton underwear makes it the most comfortable. It may not always look very smooth under your clothing. For that slimmer fit, go for elastic synthetic underwear such as nylon, spandex, or even Lycra. Be sure the crotch is lined with cotton so that you feel comfortable.

Save The Silk Undies for Special Occasions

While silk sexy underwear has a luxurious and attractive look. It does not breathe as well as cotton. This means that the risk of moisture in the underwear is higher and can lead to infections. However, you may wear them for special occasions.

How To Buy Underwear for Men

For Better Breathe Ability, Choose Boxers

If you sweat a lot or if you are prone to be affected by rashes or irritation. Boxers will provide you with better air circulation. Choose a pair with shorter, narrower legs and an elastic waist to better fit you and your clothes.

However, boxers are not the best option. If you have your wardrobe stocked with a lot of tight or slim-fitting pants. Such as skinny jeans or stylish pants. Boxers provide only little support. So make sure you are not bothered by that before choosing them.

Choose Briefs for Those Who Have Large Thighs

Male sexy underwear styles having legs like boxer briefs tend to slide up when worn. This can result in rolls which show through your clothes. You may instead, choose a pair of briefs to keep the extra material from your legs.

For Those Who Have A Large Backside, Choose Boxer Briefs

For a slim fit or a better support compared to boxers. The best male underwear is boxer briefs. It is always more comfortable for you if you have a large backside. This is because boxer briefs provide you with more coverage than briefs and will prevent from tugging all day. If you are tall, this is also the best option. Since the waistband will not slip down below the waistline of your pant whenever you bend over.

Boxer Trunks Are The Best For Slim Built Guys

For you, getting hipsters or boxer trunks is perfect! Because they usually sit at the upper or mid-thigh. This is a very comfortable option for those who’ve got a slim build. As there is not too much bunching under their clothing. As mentioned earlier, boxer trunks aren’t good if you have thicker thighs. They will ride up all day as you move.

The Best Everyday Underwear for Women

Bikini Briefs

With a low waist and moderate coverage. Bikini briefs are usually a classic sexy underwear choice among women. When it comes to underwear styles. With bikini briefs, you’d easily find an option for almost every body type. Also a great choice for your everyday underwear.

High-Waisted Panties

If most of your weight is carried in your stomach. Then you might want to consider an underwear that has a low waistband. Also choosing a high waist brief that covers your stomach will help avoid this. You will not have to repeatedly pull your panties out of your butt all day long. High waist briefs are sexy underwear when worn correctly.

The high-waisted brief is also very much a big and comfortable option. For those who are curvy or have an hourglass figure.

Underwear for Tight Fitting Clothing

It can be very annoying to keep tugging at your cheapundies all day. Just because you want to avoid it from bunching underneath your skinny jeans. Or your other clothes which have tight fitting bottoms. For this reason, a thong panty underwear can be a great option. It is barely at the back and will not add any bulk under your clothes.

However, thong underwear is uncomfortable for some people. It is wise to try a couple at home before you start using them in your day to day dressing.

Underwear for Women with Big Butts

For those who have a pear-shaped body or who most of their weight is in their lower body. The boy short is best as it provides an excellent covering for your butt. You may have to go for a seamless pair so it won’t show under your clothing. Although they are very comfortable if you have a big backside, boy shorts also work for all body types.

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