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How to buy the best cheap dildos for women online

How To Buy the Best Dildos for Women Online

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Dildo sex is amazing, but selecting the right one can be overwhelming. There are numerous colors, shapes, materials, and sizes to choose from. But don’t worry, we have put together a sex toy guide that will make this process much easier.

Do You Prefer Realistic Dildos?

The most important thing to consider when buying a dildo is do you want your sex toy to look like a real male sex organ or not? While some people flirt with the idea of having a realistic penis, others do not mind.

Sex toys are available in several variants of realistic shapes and sizes. You can also get your dildo with or without balls, curved, or straight. They even come with retractable foreskin.

Choose Your Desired Shape

Once you have decided on what type of dildo you want. Next decide the shape. Be sure your sex toy is slightly curved at the tip so as to reach the your G spot. Figure out what you want and the needs you want your dildo to meet. This will assist you in deciding what kind of dildo to choose from.

If you want a good butt plug or anal toys. Getting a design like the tapered butt plugs will help you penetrate in stages. For a top G-spot sensation, curved tips work better. The curved silicone dildo might be what you need depending on your choice.

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Dildo Material

love toys are made of several materials. If you fear phthalates, you should look for love toys free from phthalate. This is especially important if you desire your dildo sex without using a condom.

However, if you want to sterilize the toy. You will need a non-porous love toy like the glass dildo, silicone, wood, or even the stainless steel. This is especially important when you intend using it with many people.

Also, if you need a dildo that only requires a small amount of external lubricant. Then you may have to look for a dildo which is made with plastic, or stainless steel, wood or glass.

On the other hand, if you want a little more plush love toys. That’s a breakaway from the cheap sex toys, which bends perfectly to your body wants. Then you may have to look out for those love toys made of PVC, TPR, TPE, silicone and the likes.

Dildo Size

The size of an average dildo is about 1.5″ (diameter) and a length of about 7″. But then, depending on your choice, you can choose something either bigger or smaller. This is a matter of choice and how much you can take in. While some love toys come in a diameter of about 0.75″. Others have a diameter of more than 3″, and the length of love toys are also subject to choice. You get these toys from 4” up to 15” for those multiple ended or double dildo.

Most people suggest you opt for the toys which are more average in size. Also won’t be any issues keeping them stored. Especially if you desire to keep it from the prying eyes of a third party.

You Should Also Consider the Base

Although this doesn’t seem important to many people. The base of your sex toy is very important and a big factor in deciding how well you use it. If you have a toy which does not have a flared base. Then you may not use it for anal sex or for strapons.

Most of the dildo lovers also confess to loving dildos which have a flared base. Since it allows them to have a good hand-hold of it and also affords the pleasure of a harder thrust. It is good to know though that some love toys provide this base for special features too. Such features as the suction cup, should you need a hands free pleasure.

Should you intend to use a vibrating dildo for anal sex or with a strapon harness. You may have to choose a dildo with a flared base. And suction cup dildo is popular among users since they stay in place.

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While some sex toys for women online are very smooth and don’t require lubricants. Other sex toys may require plenty of water based lube.

We’ve heard how textured sex toys are extremely pleasing. The types of textures include ripples, bumps, veins, swirls, ridges and more.

Are You in a Distant Relationship?

Get the awesome LOVENSE Lush Long Distance Sex Toy.

The lovense lush sex toys are controlled using blue tooth technology. This particular sex toy is great for people in long distance relationships.

Types of Dildos Available Online

Realistic monster dildos, inflatable dildos, vibrating dildos, glass dildos, anal sex toys, and the Lovense Lush sex toy.

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