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How Long Should Bra or Underwear Last?

How long should your bra or underwear last? This is the most important question that confuses most women. When should I throw the old bra or underwear and get a new one?  What is an ideal time span of a bra or underwear? The answer to these questions do not depend on one factor.

Length of Time

Ideally, the bra or underwear last for 6-8 months depending on the individual or you can also replace them after 100-120 washings. This depends on how often you wear the same bra or how many bras you possess. You also need to follow the instructions for washing your bras, helping you increase its longevity. Most of the women have 5-8 bras in their collection, some of them are used only for a rare occasion. Some women have one bra for every day in a week; while some have too many, creating confusion for choosing one.


The best way to find out if your bra has lost its lifespan. Is to check if it’s elastic has loosened or stretched out. If it has loosened to the point. That your bra is unable to perform its basic duty of supporting your breasts. Then you should really consider getting a new one if possible. If the underwire is frequently popping out or there are holes in the cup. Then you have waited too long, through your bra or underwear out immediately.


Always make sure that you get high-quality bras from a reputed store like This is because you have to wear a bra or underwear everyday. The outfits you wear over them will only look good if your wearing a good quality bra.

Where to Buy Bra or Underwear Online?

Are you searching for a bra or underwear? You are at the right place because shopping at Angie’s Panties Online Store will give you a sense of satisfaction. All our bras are made from exclusive materials and give utmost confidence and boldness to every women.

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