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Isn’t it important for you to feel great and sexy from within? This is the reason why you should choose the style, material and the cut that is comfortable for you. Boy shorts or boy leg briefs are a type of underwear for women. They are the feminine version of the men’s boxer shorts.

These panties cover most of the rear of the women and are extremely comfortable to wear. Boy shorts panties come in many other varieties. They have slowly become the best alternative to other types of women panties.


These panties almost cover the entire bottom so women will not have a problem of panty lines at the back. According to some women, they feel more comfortable in boy shorts rather than a regular panty or thong. You can find boy shorts in almost every fabric, ranging from lace, cotton, satin to lycra and silk. Boy shorts offer a versatile option because they come in various styles, from simple to sexy and fancy. This allows you to choose the one that is suitable for any occasion and in any outfit.


Basically, boy shorts are tight, low-slung and short and look similar to boxer-briefs of the male. As they are low waist, women can easily wear boy shorts when they are wearing short skirts. This will keep their underwear from revealing to the public. In the past, many women across the world preferred a thong style of underwear. As panty lines were not visible underneath tight clothing. But now the boy short does the same thing and offer same benefits. Also in addition to offering additional coverage at the back. They are comfortable and are very much suitable for everyday wear.

If you are thinking of wearing tight-fitting clothes, then boy shorts are ideal. Also suitable for women wearing short skirts or dresses as it offers full coverage at the back. In case of a sudden rush of wind or wardrobe malfunction.


Boy shorts are available in various styles, colors, designs and patterns. The most versatile option would be a nude pair, which will match the skin tone of the women wearing it. If you are looking for sexier styles, they are also available in silk, satin and lace material. You cannot wear it in public but it is a good choice for everyday wear.


Angie’sPanties Online Store has a wide variety of boy shorts available for all the pretty women out there. You can find thousands of styles in this category and select the one matching your requirements. Angie’s Panties also offers great styles for athletic looks and gives awesome feeling to the women.

Shop from a wide range of boy shorts in cotton or lace. Place your order today at Angie’s Panties Online Store! Receive your order straight to your doorsteps. You can easily get a lady version of his boxer-briefs that is a pair of women’s boy shorts.

There are several cute and cheap ones if you want to try for fun or expensive ones in lace material. Get the one suitable to your requirement and impress your partners; including making other women jealous.

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